2021 Redwood Empire RFG Scion Exchange

This year the Redwood Empire Rare Fruit Growers’ scion exchange will be held virtually.

We are doing this using a shared Google spreadsheet that anyone can edit. Each person who has scions to share can add a row to the spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet is visible only to members of our Google group, so make sure you are logged in to your Google account when you click the link below!

Here is our shared spreadsheet. Please limit edits to your own row!
2021 Redwood Empire RFG Scion Exchange List

Each row shows a user’s general area, (county, city, region, and zip code) contact info (email and optionally phone number) and preferred method of delivering scions (curbside pickup, mail, or “come cut your own”), as well as the types of fruit available. The final column in the spreadsheet is a link to that user’s personal scion list.

Users can sort this master spreadsheet alphabetically by any column by mousing over the column name at the very top (A, B, C, etc), clicking the arrow that appears, and selecting “Sort Sheet A->Z”.

You can create the list of your own scions by clicking HERE, then clicking the “plus sign” in the lower right corner.

You can create a link to your list by clicking the “Share” button at the upper right corner, selecting “Anyone with this link can view”. You can then copy the link into the master spreadsheet.

Alternatively, if you have a scion list in a different format (Word Document, pdf, image) you can email it to saill@wickedclever.com and I will upload it and add the link to your row in the master spreadsheet.

Looking forward to sharing scions safely with everyone!